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The American College of Greece is located in the suburbs of Athens, about 40 minutes from the city center - considered one of the hippest places to hang out in all of Europe. Though you may find you don't need to make the trip very often, as ACG sits in the middle of a bustling neighborhood. The student body of ACG is 90% Greek, so getting to know locals is not difficult at all. Since it is an "American-style" college, all classes are taught in English.

Student Group


  • Learn about Greece and how Greek culture has exercised a tremendous influence on European and North American civilization, while taking part in The Missouri Greece Program, an educational and cultural experience, offering to students the opportunity to study in Greece through a semester-long curriculum combining regular classes with social activities such as field trips.

  • Students can register for up to 15 credit hours of courses on various subjects in nearly every major.

  • Students take classes in English and receive transfer credit from The American College of Greece-DEREE located on a breath-taking hillside at the edge of Athens.



See program costs above for spring.

This program is part of the Missouri Consortium for International Programs and Studies (MOCON): A consortium on public four-year universities in the state of Missouri. As a result, you may be participating alongside students from other Missouri universities.




BEST MAJORS: Computer Science, Music, Psychology, Communications, Business (International Business, Information Systems, Management, Accounting)

Students with these majors should find plenty of bachelor-level coursework in ENGLISH. Make sure to check the course catalog below for specific course availability.

Also Good: Marketing, Finance, Anthropology, Art, Art History, Theatre Arts, Modern Greek

Some Availability: Biology, Chemistry, Media Studies, English (Literature, Writing, Second Language), Economics, Environmental Studies, History Mathematics, Philosophy, Sociology

This program works well for the UMSL majors listed above, but most programs can work well for all majors if students can take courses for elective credit. Check with your academic advisor and the study abroad office to learn about your options!



Students enroll full-time during their semester in Greece, and can earn 12-15 credit hours of transfer credit from The American College of Greece-DEREE. DEREE is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC). Students are required to attend all classes, field trips, and required orientations. With the exception of language courses, all classes are taught in English. 
Click here to browse the course schedule by semester. 
Click here for copies of the university's syllabi.



UMSL students can typically only participate in the Missouri Greece Program for Spring Semester.

Click here for the academic calendar.



UMSL students studying abroad on the Missouri Greece Program will pay tuition and other fees directly to the American College of Greece, and they will earn transfer credit. If you are a transfer student, please contact your academic advisor to confirm that you will not exceed the maximum number of transfer credits allowable at UMSL.






Just two blocks from campus in the Aghia Paraskevi suburb, students will live in two or three-bedroom apartments with fully equipped kitchens and full bathroom(s). Standard bedrooms are shared with two single beds, sides tables, and lots of closet space. The building includes internet access, a fitness center, and free laundry facilities. Click here to learn more!



With a 90% Greek student body, students will benefit from a full cultural immersion experience with plenty of opportunities to make friends and learn about Greek culture. There are many clubs and organizations that you can join, including the Philoxenia Program, designed to connect Greek students with study abroad students. Other clubs include the hiking club, film club, environmental club, and more! 


Student Experiences


Check out what these students have to say about the Missouri Greece Program!

"[In my journal, I] put down 'best day ever' many times." - 2011 Participant

"At first the Modern Greek history was really hard: names, dates, wars and stuff but [I'm] glad to know it now because it explains other things. - 2011 Participant

"It is definitely possible to get by only speaking English, but knowing Greek will help with local interactions. I took a Greek class while I was there and it was awesome to immediately go out and put what I learned to use. Most locals were more than happy to help with the language and they loved it when you put forth the effort to try and communicate in Greek." - 2010 Participant

"Weekends were open for doing any sight-seeing on the islands and other areas of Greece ... Definitely go visit the islands if there is time... I've never seen anything as beautiful as the Mediterranean sunset from the beach in Crete." - 2010 Participant

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Dates / Deadlines:
Dates / Deadlines:
Term Year App Deadline Decision Date Start Date End Date
Spring 2018 10/23/2017
Rolling Admission TBA TBA
NOTE: Semester dates to be determined. Typically the semester runs early January to mid-May.
Spring 2019 10/23/2018 ** Rolling Admission 01/07/2019 05/10/2019
NOTE: Dates not yet finalized

** Indicates rolling admission application process.

Indicates that deadline has passed