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Triton Travel (the UMSL Travel Registry) is a secure database that allows the Office of International Studies & PRograms to locate students and other participants in UMSL-related travel abroad who encounter difficulties or other challenging situations, such as natural disasters, political instability or civil unrest, and health emergencies. In recent years, UMSL students and others have faced each of these problems, and we need your participation in order to maximize the support services we can offer in an emergency. When an incident occurs abroad, we will rely on Triton Travel as the official source of information that forms the basis for our emergency response protocols (e.g. evacuation notices). We will use the information you have provided through Triton Travel to locate and connect with you.

All UMSL students and graduate assistants as well as non-student participants are required to register their university-related travel outside of the United States, regardless of whether or not credit will be earned abroad. University-related travel includes but is not limited to:
  • Travel that is funded in-part or in-full by the university
  • Travel led or promoted by university faculty, staff, or units
  • Any academic program abroad under the direction or supervision of an UMSL department (such as dissertation or independent research)
  • Any program where credit or degree requirements are fulfilled

Registering is easy!

Triton Travel is fully integrated with the UMSL’s MyView system, allowing users to sign in with their UMSL SSO ID and password. Triton Travel also provides users with a secure option for storing a copy of their passport, should it be lost or stolen. Registration takes less than 10 minutes.

When should you register your international travel?

You should register after you have identified a department program director, faculty advisor, or trip organizer and as soon as you have the following information:
  • Confirmed travel dates and location(s)
  • Contact information for yourself abroad and a contact abroad
NOTE: The University of Missouri System does not support any programs to countries for which the US Department of State has issued Travel Warnings. Click here for a list of countries with travel warnings.

Mandatory actions to take in Triton Travel:

  • Enter all travel and contact information for period abroad
  • Obtain amandatory University-approved international health and security insurances
  • Sign a release and waiver
  • Provide emergency contact information

Information for faculty and departments

Any UMSL student participating in an academic program abroad under the direction and supervision of an UMSL department is considered an UMSL student during the time they are abroad. Therefore, all UMSL students should be registered at UMSL for the period they are abroad and follow the UM System requirements for documentation and insurance coverage. This ensures the student participant has the full rights and responsibilities of a UMSL student, and protects the university from potential liability.

The Department Chair will provide the dissemination of information regarding the UM System policies on travel registration and insurance to the faculty, program directors, advisors, or designated individuals whose responsibility it is to inform students of the mandatory travel registration. The department sponsoring the program will remain the primary contact and coordinating office for all aspects of the program.

The Program Director and/or Department will be responsible for the following:
  • Development and securing of all program logistics
  • Overseeing all aspects of program and ensuring they meet all safety and academic regulations of the UM System
  • Advise students of all the required materials to be completed

Questions about registering your travel?

Contact Nate Daugherty, Study Abroad Coordinator for International Studies and Programs
Phone: 314-516-7195